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The beginning

Mineração Cezar started its activities in 1990, operating in the extraction of Areia and Seixo, on the banks of the Tocantins River, serving the construction of our capital, in this way it operated until 2001, when it started filling the dam that came to form the Hydroelectric Lake from Lajeado.

In the period from 2001 to 2004, it continued to serve civil construction, using stock that was extracted and stored in areas that would not be affected by the formation of the lake.

As of 2004, I started to operate with a dredger with a load capacity of 70 m3, removing the material at six sites licensed by the DNPM and NATURATINS.

With the completion of the Lake, it stood out in carrying out major public utility works, starting with the construction of Praia do Prata, which was later handed over to the City Hall, and participating in the improvement of other beach structures that were established on the banks of the river. Lake.

The company's growth followed the pace of the capital, in 2012 it had to replace the 70 m3 dredger for one of 250 m3, always seeking to improve customer service, as well as minimize production costs.

Innovating its processes, in order to have products with differentiated quality from its competitors, it installed, in the period between the second half of 2017 and the end of 2018, a modern system for washing and classifying its raw material, which also meets the standards of preservation of the environment, causing the water used during the washing and classification processes to be subjected, after use, to a filtering process that returns it to the river, in the most perfect conditions of use.

This technological process has allowed it to produce new products, so as of 2019, it is producing special sands. These products will serve the market of Pre-filter for Basic Sanitation, of filters for swimming pools, of sand for the production of mortar and grout, of sand for foundry, of sand for tennis, volleyball and soccer courts and also for ornamentation of gardens.

Producing with reduced environmental impact is its biggest challenge, aware of its responsibility to the environment, adopts preservation measures, which are seen as a reference by other entrepreneurs who seek an ecologically correct conduct.

Prevent, through various actions, the control of potentially polluting elements, such as: rainwater decanters, filter/decanter for machine and vehicle washers, erosive process control, soil wetting, revegetation of riparian forests, area recovery plans explored, allow to considerably reduce the inevitable impacts generated by the mining process. The landscape revitalization in the enterprise adds scenic values to the workplace, providing direct benefits to employees.

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