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The hammered quartz crystal, when left in the environment, causes a change in the vibrations of the place. It disintegrates the negative energies around, attracts positive energies and vital forces. Used as a personal amulet, it purifies our energy field and drives away negative forces and energies.

Here are some of the powerful properties that Clear Quartz crystal emits for the physical body and mind:

1. Clears the aura and sensitivity;
2. It promotes the attainment of energy in the person;
3. Relax the mind;
4. Stimulates intuition;
5. Encourages self-confidence;
6. Magnifies any influences present on the individual or place;
7. It works as a natural amplifier and harmonizes environments;
8. Excellent external energy pickup;
9. Stabilizes blood pressure;
10.Promotes the cleansing of blood vessels and normalizes the body's circulation;
11. Calms the nervous system;
12. Clears the aura. (1).png
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