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Classified Filtering Sand is a filtering material for water treatment supplied by Mineração Cezar, which has 99% quartz and silica in its composition, which guarantees the safety and health of these materials for water treatment.

Therefore, our filter sand for water treatment is among the best materials in Brazil, due to its physical-chemical characteristics.

Thus, the Classified Filtering Sand along with other materials is used in order to perform the physical filtration of solid particles from the water to be treated.

Then, according to the desired degree of filtration, the granulometry ranges and the layers are changed. This way, the requirements of any project for the filter material for WTP are met.

In addition, the raw material of the classified filter sand is of natural mineral origin, so they are taken from mineral deposits where the river beds are washed and classified.

That's why Mineração Cezar is one of the largest companies that classify and trade these materials for water treatment throughout Brazil. As a result, it offers the best in Filter Material for Water Treatment.

Use our Filtering Sand as one of the Filter Materials in the Filter or in the water treatment plant of your company or city and guarantee quality and health.

You will be surprised by the quality of our service, our materials and our services!

Main Applications:
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